"Derek assisted me with the marketing of my CFO consulting services on LinkedIn. He interviewed me on his podcast, then provided tips on my social media strategy and developed some key marketing assets. Derek went out of his way to help and was great to work with."

- Joshua Bernstein, CEO, Vault Profit Partners

"Derek helped Victoria Fide Consulting generate over 1200 targeted LinkedIn connections. They also helped plan our white paper on digital transformation. They then developed an article series based on it and created and managed a LinkedIn newsletter to promote it. I am pleased with how the content turned out and how the LinkedIn campaign has progressed."

- Tory Bjorklund, CEO, Victoria Fide Consulting

"I worked with Derek on multiple projects; he brings a keen understanding of content and how it fits the modern B2B customer journey. Highly recommend. His content looks solid!"

- Parshad Irshad, Vice President, The Merritt Group (B2B marketing agency)

"Saying it was a good experience working with Derek is an understatement. When we approached him to write about our project with the Department of Homeland Security, we didn’t conceive such a compelling article beyond the announcement of the project, would be the result. Derek took extra time to dive into the project to make the heavy supply chain material easily understandable yet still covering all the essential content. We will continue to work with Derek and secretly use some of his strategies in other projects."

- Dan Weinberger, CEO, Morpheus, SaaS Startup

"Derek Little worked with me on a podcast to promote my business as a Professional Patient Advocate. He interviewed me and one of my clients, highlighting the role of a Patient Advocate, how I helped this particular client, and how one can obtain my services. Derek did his homework! He researched Health Advocates, researched the illness that my client had, and had lengthy conversations with myself and my client. He was then able to edit them into an educational and informative podcast. Working with Derek was a true delight, he is enthusiastic well informed, and a professional in the truest sense of the word. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, and please listen to the podcast.

- Myra Katz, CEO, Katz Advocate, PA-C, BCPA"

"I have been getting several compliments on my interview."

- Craig Tucker, CEO, Vernai.com

"Derek's interview process was professional, well executed and his knowledge contributed to the results. It was more of a conversation with an experienced colleague than a typical podcast interview."

- Ed Bardwell, President, Rainmaker Digital Services (RMDS)™ and Nimble Worldwide

"The absolute best interviewer and writer. He is inspiring, committed and reliable. Really glad and lucky to be working with him."
- Elie Lloyd, Founder and CEO, Omnizio

"I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Derek for a thought leadership article. He was a highly competent and diligent partner throughout the process. Beyond it, he managed to transform the story into several delivery formats, including a podcast. The overall work was beyond expectations and Derek extremely professional and actually generous! I can only recommend Derek to other professionals looking to make stories work for their brands and businesses. Derek's subject matter expertise, high professionalism and pleasant, relatable style make for an outstanding conversational interview. Nothing like knowing what you are talking about, in order to ask the right questions."

- German Ramirez, Co-Founder and Chief Relevance Officer of The Relevance House.

"It's surprising what insights exist in people's heads that they don't know about. That's what Derek does - help pull out those nuggets of wisdom that, when you hear them repeated back to you make you think, 'Wow. I do know what I'm talking about after all!'. That wouldn't be possible without his humble, curious approach and good interview questions."

- Gina Balerin, Founder and CEO, Verballistics

"Had a fun chat. Nicely edited down."

- Ian Truscott, Founder and Executive Strategy Director, APPropingo

"It was money well spent."

- Jim Beale, Former CEO, Hamilton Boiler Works

"Take data science and make it understandable. That’s what Derek Little has done with this “how-to” guide for RTS Labs. While many businesses will often produce a guide using arcane language with no basis in context, RTS Labs was smart and used Derek’s skills to produce content that is easily understood and digestible by the business population at-large. Derek explains the “who, what, where, when, how,” and “why” of data science criticality and its place in the marketplace. This benefits RTS Labs greatly in the sense it positions them as the leader in their field, with an understanding of the customer’s needs, helping frame the discussion within context from the customer’s perspective. If you can’t see your business through your customer’s eyes, you can’t expect your customer to understand your business. Derek succeeds on all counts, and places RTS Labs at the front of the customer journey, lending credence to the thought that content within context is everything."

- AJim Van Meer, Founder and Chief Creative OfficerThinkpoint Creative, Adjunct Professor, Graphic Design, George Mason University.

"It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Derek. He made the process go smooth and was a consummate professional. And he did a wonderful job of teasing out my key ideas so they're useful to readers and listeners."

- Laura Patterson, Co-founder and President of VisionEdge Marketing

“This is exactly what I was looking for and doubly appreciate the landing page layout –
kudos for that!”

- Michael Shearer, SelectHub, VP of Marketing

“I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Derek’s work. He’s a terrific copywriter and knows
the best practices of crafting a compelling case study. I highly recommend him.”

- Steve Slaunwhite, B2B Copywriter, Author of "The Everything Guide to Writing Copy

“Derek goes above and beyond what he can offer. He met with my client to gather all the information, responded quickly to their comments and was very professional at all times. Both my client and I are very pleased.”

- Pavel Karpisek, Owner, Karpi Design Studio