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I provide a range of B2B marketing services where the common denominator is my knowledge of your customers and products. My services include win loss interviewing and analysis as a certified consultant with PSP Enterprises, custom content creation via my firm, Trailblazer Mastery, and LinkedIn marketing via my Upwork Agency. I also provide coaching and consulting packages on Fiverr. Get started with my services by downloading this free resource.

8 Case Studies on Positioning and Sales Enablement

With an extensive background in sales and content, sales enablement is one of my strengths.

Here are eight of my experiences in positioning and sales enablement. Each one describes how I applied skills in sales, marketing, content creation, and writing. (NOTE: These videos were originally created for my professional services clients).

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The Content Marketing Starter Kit eBook contains my B2B buyer question framework and is included in the course.

Content Marketing Coaching

We'll examine your growth goals, review your situation, understand your target audience, review the 7 steps to effective content marketing, and developing a documented content marketing strategy for your business.

The Content Marketing Toolkit eBook contains a brainstorming guide and 101 topic ideas. It's included in the course.

Content Calendar Coaching

We'll examine your goals and your current content. Then we'll discuss your target audience's pain points, their buyer's journey, the four master content types. your channel strategy, pillar content plan, and develop topic ideas.

This course is based on a case study of an IT consulting services client I helped create a professional article campaign using Chat GPT.

Chat GPT Writing Coaching

I'll show you my repeatable writing process for creating good quality content and the writing prompts I use. Then I'll help you develop you own unique approach to writing original, effective marketing content with Chat GPT.

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