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Video Case Study with YouTube Promotion

About Safio Solutions

Safio Solutions is a cloud-based forecasting software and designed for inventory optimization, offering a comprehensive platform and consulting for strategic decision-making and operational improvement. The team at SAFIO is dedicated to providing real value to customers by leveraging their experience and expertise. Their website features numerous testimonials from satisfied customers. Now they wanted to create a video case study.  

Research-based Content
My process for working with Safio was to conduct three meetings. First, I met with them to gather research on what they thought the success story was. Next, I met with their customer to explain the interview process learn what they thought the success story was. Based on this, Safio suggested new interview questions to get the most out of the actual interview. This was conveniently conducted via Zoom, and the total package of services included consulting, interviewing, video editing, and graphic design. As a bonus, I uploaded all their videos to their YouTube channel for a complete turn-key solution.  

Deer Stags Video Case Study

The video is divided into segments with question and quote slides that transition the viewer to different stages of the story. The questions are optimized to tell the story in the best way possible. 

YouTube Video Shorts

AI-driven YouTube Promotion Campaign

You Tube's built-in AI functionality automatically shows similar videos to the same viewer over time. So more of Safio's short videos are likely to be viewed whenever a single video is viewed. 

The main Deer Stags case study video was edited into 10 shorts clips, with each clip answering a key question. Their short videos can get maximum reach when shared through additional marketing channels. (E.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, X, email, etc.). 


We plan to hire him again for future videos.

Paula Lewandowski, Co-Founder & VP of SAFIO Solutions

The Safio Team got a Case Study video and video shorts to promote on their YouTube channel, which will naturally attract their most profitable clients. They also gained insights into the buying journey of one of their most satisfied clients. Safio can use this information to improve their future marketing.

  • What was their original situation and challenges?
  • What were they using before Safio?
  • What triggered them to decide to do something different?
  • Once they decided to do something different, how did they make a short list?
  • How did they research their options?
  • Who was on the short list?
  • Why did they hire Safio?
  • Why not the other guys?

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